Adelhills Bengal Cats 

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bengal kittens
White Tummies

Why are they sought after?

The Asian Leopard Cats among many other wild cat species have a 'white tummy'. This trait adds to the wild beauty of the Bengal breed.

Quality breeders of Bengals strive to produce cats that reflect wild colour and pattern traits. The Bengal breed should have lighter colored tummies (the lighter the better) in comparison with the background colour.

Bengals are also required to have spotted tummies. Dedicated breeders are striving to duplicate the white belly, inside of legs, throat, and neck of the wild Asian Leopard Cat, while, at the same time, keep the beautiful and vibrant body color of the Bengal.

The success of producing whited tummies is still rare. When breeders are successful in producing this in their cats and kittens it is considered highly prized.

The result of having the spotted whited tummy gives the Bengal breed a very unique wild look closely reflecting their wild ancestors the Asian Leopard Cat.