Adelhills Bengal Cats 

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bengal kittens
Premoridial Pouch

The primordial pouch is located on a cat's belly and has the appearance of a loose flap of skin. It can be compared to a deflated balloon hanging between the back legs.  The primordial pouch swings slightly as a cat walks.

The primordial pouch is another trait prized for its wild ancestry that again lends itself to the Bengal as a further tribute to their hybrid wild cat history.

If you have watched nature shows you would have seen the very distinctive primordial pouch displayed on wild cats, swinging gently as they prowl through the forest.

The primordial pouch is often misunderstood in domestic cats and in the past been attributed to an “out of condition” cat, an “overweight” cat, or due to “recent lactation” in females or due to  “multiple litters” in females.  These are inaccurate statements made by those who do not recognize what the primordial pouch truly is. 

The picture above shows a female Bengal (Fraservalley Fey Pandoras Box of Adelhills), aged 10 months, having never been bred, and in excellent show condition, displaying the classic primordial pouch.

The primordial pouch can be found in both the male and females of the breed. As many other traits that are not required in the breed, quality breeders have recognized the primordial pouch as yet another wild trait that we want to keep in our breed. As breeders we prize those traits that lend themselves to that feeling of the wild ancestry of the Bengals.

bengal kittens
FCH - Family Care Home

FCH program is a participation program that requires application and acceptance.  You must reside in South Australia and be within a 2hr drive of our location.

How the program works, is our young breeding girls aged 12wks onwards are placed and live with families as their forever pets.

When the FCH girl is approx 12 months of age the family will bring the girl back for "a dirty week away with a boy".  Then she’ll go back home with her family during gestation.   

One week before the FCH girl is due to birth the family will bring her back up to me and I midwife everyone and raise the babies. 

Once the babies are weaned the mummy goes back home to her family.  We limit and only ever have a max of 4 litters with a girl under the FCH program. In some cases it is less than 4 litters, as it depends on what our development goals are with each girl.   

Once the girl has completed the FCH program we sign over desexing rights to the family with a desexing requirement to be completed within 14 days of release to exit the program & transfer ownership to them as their pet forever. 

There's obviously time involved for our families coming to and from our location which is why our FCH participation fee is only $300+gst as we value our families time and efforts.

I really love this program as it is so great for the cats as our queens get to live as much loved family pets and not cattery cats.  And when they're desexed they are already in their forever home so we're not trying to rehome retired cats. 

The FCH program also works great for our temperament testing as our queens must be successful family pets before we ever consider breeding with them... which is another reason why we can give the temperament guarantee on all our kittens that we do.

The FCH program is a bit more work for us but the benefits to my breeding cats make it all worthwhile.

Because of the loving environments of the FCH placements it allows us to focus on the cats living with us and raising all the babies. It also allows for a diverse breeding program and varied genetics.

If you are interested in the FCH program please email us for a sample copy of the FCH program agreement contract and further details.



bengal kittens
Pet Insurance

As part of our healthy kitten plan for new homes, we secure a free 6 week insurance policy though PetPlan for your kitten from the date that they leave us. This gives us and our families’ peace of mind during the transition time from our home to yours. We do encourage that you consider maintaining this policy after the 6 weeks expiry.