Adelhills Bengal Cats 

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Desexed Brown Girl from Lillet x Copa ready approx mid APR - $2500+GST
Desexed Brown Boy from Lillet x Copa ready approx mid APR - $2500+GST
FCH Brown Girl from Opal x Gizmo ready approx Easter - $300+gst
FCH Mink Girl from Aluna x Topper ready approx Easter - $300+gst

Snow, Silver, Charcoal & possibly blue snow babies planned to arrive in next nine weeks onward

ring Melinda 0401 383 969

We are accepting applications now for our current babies and those arriving in APR/MAY/JUN onward. 

Price Reflects Quality

Please be aware, our kittens are priced to reflect their quality, our imported lines and the investment of care and time we give to them and to you.

Kittens are posted with their photos on
adelhills bengal cats facebook

Due to the requirements/FB bans of postings on Facebook you will not find photos posted on our Facebook page of kitten updates/who's available.  Instead all kitten photos, updates and assignment details are posted on Instagram. 

If you see "Yet to be assigned" or "AVAILABLE" the kitten is FOR SALE and you may contact us for pricing and further details on 0401 383 969, by email or FB messenger or Insta messenger.  Text or phone call is preferred.

Kittens are priced within their price range as seen below.

There is preference in the placement of our pick of litter show quality kittens into homes that intend to show and promote their cat but it is not required.

Because we have been breeding Bengals for show since 2009, the majority of our kittens are "Show Quality" as this is our planned effort, so it is more likely that your kitten will fit into this category. 

If you've seen a stunning show or breeder quality kitten "Under Evaluation" that's listed and just want the best of the best lounging in your home for your enjoyment please inquire to the possibility of the kitten's availability to be altered (desexed) for you.

Adelhills Bengal Kitten Price Ranges

Australian residents please add GST

Desexed Snow, Brown & Silver Kittens (Rosette Spotted & Marble & Charcoal patterns)
$2500+gst  Please note we have specialized in the best quality bengals as possible and breed for Show & Breeding quality kittens and have been breeding towards this goal for over a decade now. We do not specialize in Silvers which means we only have a couple babies usually arrive in silver colouring each year.  The waiting period for silvers from us is usually 3-4 times longer than snows and browns for this reason.

Desexed Rare colours; Blue & Blue Snow Kittens (Rosette Spotted & Marble & Charcoal patterns)
$3000+gst  Please note we breed for Show & Breeding quality kittens and have been breeding towards this goal for over a decade now. We have just recently started breeding for blue now that it is a recognized colour with the ACF here in Australia.  So while we do plan on having blue kittens in the near future, they are rare and not common.

Desexed Rare Cashmere (Longhair); any colour (Rosette, Spotted, Marble & Charcoal patterns)
$5000+gst  While we have a couple breeding pairs that can produce cashmere kittens it is only a 25% chance of having any cashmere kittens arrive in these pairings due to the recessive Longhair genes required, they are rare and not common.

FCH – Family Care Home Program (for SA families only)
$300+gst Please read below about our Cattery program for female kittens to local area families.

Entire Show Breeding Quality (ALL patterns)
$5000+gst (N/K) - $6000+gst (N/N) - $7500 +gst Cashmere (Long Hair Bengal). Please note we have been breeding bengal cats over a decade now and our lines are several generations of our efforts and work. This means we usually have a very good idea of what a kitten will look like when it matures.  This benefits you as you are able to specify necessary traits you need and we, on the most part, will be able to confirm if the kitten you're interested in will mature with these traits. Further all breeding kittens sold come with access to our mentoring and assistance. There is an application for breeding (entire) kittens, which includes requirements of being a registered breeder with ACF, CCCA, CFA, TICA or FIFE affiliated cat councils, a registered prefix and further questions will be asked. I prefer phone interviews for sales of breeding kittens so please feel free to ring me +61 401 383 969.

Adelhills Bengal Kittens

All our Bengal kittens are registered and are sold with a five-year hereditary genetic and temperament guarantee contract so that you can be assured you are receiving a purebred, top quality, healthy Bengal kitten.

Our babies are all vet checked 3 times prior to leaving us, x2 vaccinations, veterinary signed health certification, dewormed, microchipped, 6-wks pet health insurance, altered (desexed), .pdf written preperation pack, well started in potty training and socialized before they leave us at/after 3 months of age, to ensure that they are perfectly ready to become a member of your household.

Adopting a Bengal Kitten

All Bengal Kitten bookings require an application. You can find the application form on the right, on mobiles scroll down.

Once your application has been approved we will require a non-refundable booking fee of $300+gst for your desexed companion kitten or $500+gst for your Breeder Quality kitten, depending on what preference you list in your application.

This booking fee will go towards the purchase price of your kitten. Kitten selection is based on the type of application you submit and is placed on our waiting list in the order of the date when we receive your booking fee.

Home Raised

Our Bengal kittens are raised in our home with our four children, our dog and their Mothers. The temperaments of our breeding stock along with our constant handling and socialization, done by both adults and children, helps ensure that our babies come to you prepared as much as possible to enter your life and homes. When getting an Adelhills baby you can be assured of the quality in temperament, health and looks for your Bengal Cat.

In the Litter Box

Kittens from Adelhills Bengals are started training form a young age, approx 3-4wks, how to properly use the litter tray. We limit their access when they are very young so that the litter tray is only a quick trip for them so they never learn "not to use it". Once they are a bit older we give them free access to our kitten lounge. This is a normal lounge size space, where they can fun playing, learn to use the climbing tree, but are still within a close dash to the litter tray. Remember 90% of all training in animals is avoiding them learning bad behavior, so we strive to give them good litter habits right from the start. Remember when a kitten comes to you they are still a little baby! Add that to the fact that your home is a new location, their litter is in a new location, so you want to set them up for success by limiting their space those first few weeks so they only continue learning in their new environment good litter habits. Our kittens come with lifetime breeder support so if you have a question or a concern we are always only a phone call away.

Early Desensitization Training

We spend a lot of time handling our kittens and exposing them to household sounds and expectations so that they come to you as much as possible ready to fit into your household environment. We make sure your kittens are use to having their feet and claws handled so that future trimming is an easy task. we handle them all over from nose to tail, not forgetting to get them use to having their mouth opened and fingers in their ears and their tails handled. We use clipnosis, a veterinary used and recommended technique when handling and training our kittens. Just like a horse trainer rubbing a horses wither to calm them so does clipnosis work to relax kittens. Just like their mothers who use the same technique when the kittens are little carry them we utilize this natural technique to train our kittens to give in to training techniques and to relax into them. Raising kittens in the house isn't enough, bengal kittens require a lot of hands on handling, play affection, training and love. The more the hands on the kittens the better and with four kids in our household it means our kittens are very well socialized.

Peace of Mind

All our Bengal Kittens go out to their new homes with a FREE 6 week accident and illness insurance policy. Following is what that policy covers:

Illness and injury

Vet fees up to AU$3000.00. Includes hospitalization, referral and complementary medicines

Death from illness or injury

The loss of a pet is always heartbreaking. Our policy will refund the purchase price up to $AU1,500.00

Advertising and Reward

If you kitten is stolen or lost, our policy will pay for local newspaper advertising and will grant a reward up to $400.00


If the kitten is not found, despite all efforts our policy will refund the purchase price up to $1,500.00

Bengals with Show and Breeding Quality

If you are interested in an altered (desexed) show Bengal kitten we would be more than pleased to assist you. We love to see our babies out there showing and seeing their owner's enjoyment of their success.

We only sell entire show and breeding kittens to registered breeders who we feel strive for the highest Cattery standards and ethics. If you are a Bengal breeder and are interested in working with us and our lines we look forward to hearing from you. We do not tend to advertise when we have breeding quality kittens, as that is not a focus for our cattery. However, if you are a quality breeder and you are interested in a kitten or mature breeding cat from us please feel free to inquire. Our entire kittens/cats ALWAYS come with a breeding limitation contract if you are located within Australia, for a sample copy of our contract and expectations please email us a request.

Interstate and International

If you are not a resident of South Australia and are unable to come to us to collect your kitten, we can fly your kitten to you. Adelhills will ensure that your kitten safely arrives to you with all necessary documentation. For interstate families we will organize all the transport for you, You will receive your transport confrontation directly from the transport company and pay them for any transport. We organize all transports as part of our customer care but we do not collect funds for transport. Kittens will always be transported in a new pp20 crate that you will be able to keep and use for the lifetime of your cat for any vet visits or future travel or transport. Your transport fees will include the purchase of your kittens crate. Are you international? Don't worry we are also able to organize flights for most international destinations depending on the quarantine restrictions and regulations of your country.

Continuing to Breed Top Quality Bengals

To ensure the continuing quality lines of our breeding program, Adelhills reserves the right to retain any Bengal kitten necessary for the development of the Bengal breed.

This assures that Adelhills is able to maintain a high level of quality and direction for our future program and the careful continued development of the Bengal cat breed. Adelhills reserves the right to refuse a sale or application at their discretion.

Cattery Program

We strongly believe that if we are to produce the very best temperament Bengals then our breeding cats need to show themselves to be family pets before we breed with them. For this reason as much as possible our breeding queens live with families as their pets under our Family Care Program (FCH).

This means our baby girls from the time they’re 3 months old and allowed to leave will go live with a family as their forever pet, and when they at approximately 12 months of age they come back for a “visit” with the boys. Then a week before they are due the pregnant girls return here to nest and settle in for birthing. I do all the midwifing and birthing of the babies. Once the kittens are weaned the queens go back home to their families!  Usually after lots of photos and videos and cuddles of "their" girl's babies as our FCH families are allowed kitten play time from 8 weeks of age.

Because we are the "first" home for our girls when they travel between our home and their family care home it is relatively stress free as they know both households and the people.  However, this is after many years of doing the program and selectively breeding mentally stable cats who can handle these changes.  Many breeders don't give their cats room to show how they deal with stress and change and so are unaware of their lines mental stability or lack thereof.  I have found over the years that cats with anxiety and who don't handle change are likely to pass that in some degree as it's hereditary and so in my opinion they should not be bred from. The FCH program gives me another check and balance to make sure we are breeding with mentally sound cats so that we produce sound healthy mentally stable kittens. 

We are most interested in the perpetuation, protection and development of the Bengal breed, and so we limit the number of litters (up to 4) from our (FCH) queens so they can be desexed while still young and continue their happy lives in their forever home.  I have found that within this time frame I am able to asses and move forward in generations to better the breed and protect the bengal future with quality healthy lines.

Because of the loving environments of the FCH this allows us to focus on the cats living with us and raising the babies. It also allows for a diverse breeding program and varied genetics.  We have a large genetically diverse breeding program to ensure best practices for genetic and hereditary health for our cattery and the kittens we produce.

If you are interested in being in the Family Care Program the participation cost is $300+gst and it is available to local Adelaide area families (must be within 1.5hr drive of our location).

FCH Program requires a phone interview 0401 383 969, FCH application, along with further info and review of our sample FCH agreement so that you know exactly what our expectations are

If you have other pets, that's ok so do a lot of our FCH families, we will review our policies and requirements with you.

Application Download

Please note that this is not an online form and you must download the form first before you can fill it in on your PC.

Once downloaded you can complete the form in your own time and email to:

Please note that once you edit the .pdf form you need to SAVE the changes/answers before you email it back to me.  I get a few blank forms from those who forget to save their changes.

To fill out the form on your mobile you need to install the app below

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Don't forget to save your answers after editing before you send it to me.

bengal kittens
Kitten Fuzies

Bengals do not have "cat hair" but rather a pelt that was inherited from their wild ancestors.

The texture and feel of a Bengals pelt is reminiscent of the texture and feel of mink.

Because Bengals have the same sort of pelt as the Asian Leopard Cat their kittens go through a unique stage.

At about three weeks of age  Bengal kittens will often (but not always) go through a fuzzy stage often referred to as the "ugglies". This stage usually ends between the age of three to six months.

The coat becomes muted and fuzzy in appearance. This stage of development is similar to the camouflage stage that Asian Leopard Cat kittens display in their natural habitat to make them less vulnerable to predators.

The good news is, that all kittens gradually grow out of this stage and their spectacular markings, sharp contrast, vivid colors and patterns return in grandeur.

bengal kittens

Kittens can be fragile, especially in comparison to puppies.  It is important that if you have children handling your kitten that you teach them some good guidelines to follow. 

We recommend that children should, when learning to handle a kitten, sit on the floor.  This ensures that if the kitten crawls away from them that the kitten does not get dropped.

You will need to show your child the appropriate pressure when holding the kitten, so that they don’t “love on them too much”.

Kittens when young do not retract their claws properly to release things like clothing, blankets and skin.  You will need to show your child how to lift the kittens paw up and forward to “unhook” any little claws. Never just pull the kitten straight off an object that they are “velcroed” to.

As a new owner you need to ensure that you handle your kitten often when they are awake and continue on with the early desensitization training we have already established with them.

Kittens should be handled, carried, touched and caressed often and all over to ensure that they are well socialized and desensitized to being handled. 

This will help in future when you need to clip nails, have vet exams, clean ears or medicating them. 

If your kitten struggles or kicks to "get away" DO NOT let them go, rather use the clipnosis technique to calm them.  If you let them go when they struggle or kick you teaching them that if they want down just kick and struggle!  You don't want that.  You want them to relax and be calm and then set them down.  that way they learn that if they are realized you will set them down and it's positive training.

Set your kitten up for success not failure.  Just like kids picking the right teaching moments is essential.  Wait for your kitten to have had a run and play and get all their energy out before attempting to do your handling desensitization routine.  This ensures that you aren't trying to chill out and handle a kitten who's just woke up and just wants to play.  Always pick your timing so that it's a positive learning experience.

bengal kittens
FCH - Family Care Home

FCH program is a participation program that requires application and acceptance.  You must reside in South Australia and be within a 2hr drive of our location.

How the program works, is our young breeding girls aged 12wks onwards are placed and live with families as their forever pets.

When the FCH girl is approx 12 months of age the family will bring the girl back for "a dirty week away with a boy".  Then she’ll go back home with her family during gestation.   

One week before the FCH girl is due to birth the family will bring her back up to me and I midwife everyone and raise the babies. 

Once the babies are weaned the mummy goes back home to her family.  We limit and only ever have a max of 4 litters with a girl under the FCH program. In some cases it is less than 4 litters, as it depends on what our development goals are with each girl.   

Once the girl has completed the FCH program we sign over desexing rights to the family with a desexing requirement to be completed within 14 days of release to exit the program & transfer ownership to them as their pet forever. 

There's obviously time involved for our families coming to and from our location which is why our FCH participation fee is only $300+gst as we value our families time and efforts.

I really love this program as it is so great for the cats as our queens get to live as much loved family pets and not cattery cats.  And when they're desexed they are already in their forever home so we're not trying to rehome retired cats. 

The FCH program also works great for our temperament testing as our queens must be successful family pets before we ever consider breeding with them... which is another reason why we can give the temperament guarantee on all our kittens that we do.

The FCH program is a bit more work for us but the benefits to my breeding cats make it all worthwhile.

Because of the loving environments of the FCH placements it allows us to focus on the cats living with us and raising all the babies. It also allows for a diverse breeding program and varied genetics.

If you are interested in the FCH program please email us for a sample copy of the FCH program agreement contract and further details.



bengal kittens
Pet Insurance

As part of our healthy kitten plan for new homes, we secure a free 6 week insurance policy though PetPlan for your kitten from the date that they leave us. This gives us and our families’ peace of mind during the transition time from our home to yours. We do encourage that you consider maintaining this policy after the 6 weeks expiry.