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Galen is from Majestic Pride in Vernon, B.C. Canada having been recently imported to Australia.  Thank you Suzanne of Tijah for letting him come to us.

We are very pleased with the opportunity to add this boy to our program for the whited belly lines, in combination with our other endeavors towards this trait.


Galen has some wonderful white lines, that we are very pleased to add into our program.  We are hoping that with his excellent whited tummy himself with the strong expression of it in his breeding will help us achieve our goals of adding this trait into our Bengals.

Galen also has wonderfully large round "pancake" style rosetting which we hope to enhance with the vivid contrast we have in our girls patterning.

Health Testing

The health of our cats is imperative for our program. Galen as been HCM tested Normal/Negative at 3yr of age in 2013 and again at 4yr in 2014.