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 Loki is a F6 arrowhead rosetted boy with whited expression.  He is a sweet natured boy, always behaving well in the show ring and purring for scratches behind the ears.  

FOR SALE as a proven stud $3000 +gst AUD


Loki has excellent wild type, body carriage, low tail set, tiny ears and vivid green nocturnal eyes with puffy whisker pads. He is a very solid boy, while he doesn't give the impression of being a huge cat most people and judges specifically are pleasantly surprised with the boning and and muscling of this boy.  He has a very clear pattern, lots of glitter and inky black arrowhead rosettes running horizontally down his body.

Show Results

Loki started the 2013 show year as an adult in February and August saw him a Double Grand Champion.

25-May-2014 Adelhills Wurtha Look aka Loki is now a Champion! Loki is turning into a stunning mature boy now and with almost every judge commenting on his fantastic tiny ears!

22-Jun-2014 Adelhills Wurtha Look aka Loki is now a Grand Champion! Judges comments on his excellent eye colour!

24-Aug-2014 GCH Adelhills Wurtha Look aka Loki is now a Double Grand Champion!  Judge commented on his muscle tone... he doesn't look as big as he feels... solid boy.

Health Testing

The health of our cats is imperative for our program.

2014 HCM Ultrasound - NEGATIVE
PK Def - N/N

We have also had Loki's sire and dam HCM tested and they also were both negative.