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Julius comes to us from Seattle, USA and directly from Millwood lines through his sire Millwood Epitimee, pictured above in Julius's album for reference, kindly provided with permission from Teresa.


Julius is a Triple Grand Champion with some wonderful ancestry behind him including his grandmother GRC Millwood French Lace who has amazing rosettes along with that beautiful whited tummy. We have hopes to bring the rosette & whited tummy coats back out of Julius from these lines.  Millwood French Lace and Millwood Highbrow are pictured above in Julius's album for reference, kindly provided with permission from Judy & Jean Mill of Millwood Bengals.


Besides Julius's champion status, quality in type, luxurious coat texture, rosettes, and clarity of pattern, he has the most amazing temperament and personality which is paramount for our cattery.

At just 7 months of age Julius was walking on a lead and going to Soccer games with us and the kids. He is such a hit with everyone who meets him. People just can't get over how such a wild leopard looking cat can be so sweet. 

In 2011 Julius took to the skies and was prowling on harness through the airport like he was the king.  He brought so much joy to everyone and was such a crowd stopper that we actually missed our fist flight because everyone including airport staff had to meet Julius.  I've never had so much fun in an airport before!

Julius truly is a love, he has a grand purr declaring his pleasure in life to everyone.  He takes our four young children in stride without blinking an eye.

We really couldn’t ask for a sweeter stud to bring out stunning temperaments in our kittens.

Show Results

August 13th & 14th TICA NW Regional hosted by the Cat Fanciers of BC (Surrey, BC Canada)

We had a great time at the NW TICA Regional Show and enjoyed the wonderful banquet that the club put on for the Regionals.

Julius made quite an impression with the judges and spectators alike, finishing the two day show with three titles! Julius now has four titles to his collection, all gained in only three shows as a adult! CH, GRC, DGC & TGC.

June 25th & 26th Glass CITICAts Cat Club (Portage, Indiana)

We had a blast flying to Chicago for the show and we met so many wonderful people during our travels.

Julius is now half way to his Grand Championship!  We are really enjoying showing him.

June 11th & 12th The Commencement Cat Club (Chehalis, Washington)

We had a wonderful time at the show, enjoying the company and the excitement of two days with 8 judges and 16 rings.

He did it! At just 8 mo & 11 days on the first day of his first show competing as an adult Julius gained his Championship!

21 & 22-May-2011 The International Specialty Club (Tukwila, Washington)

We had such a fun time at the Tukwila show, it was just precious watching Julia lug Julius up and back to all the rings. The Bengal kittens we were privileged to compete against were a beautiful group! Here are Julius's results:

5 x Kitten Final (Selected for competition in the top 5 of all short haired breeds)
3 x BEST KITTEN Specialty (BEST of the finalists , all short haired breeds)
2 x 3rd BEST KITTEN Specialty (3rd Best of the finalists, all short haired breeds)
5 x Best Bengal Kitten (all colours/patterns)
4 x 2nd Best Bengal Kitten (all colours/patterns)
3 x 3rd Best Bengal Kitten (all colours/patterns)

29-Jan-2011 The New Culture Club (Portland, Oregon)

The Portland show was huge both in entries and spectator turnout. Julius turned four months of age on day two of the show.

5 x 2nd Best Bengal Kitten
1 x Kitten Final (Selected for competition in the top 10 of All Breeds)

Julius came second only to the older Mysticfires Mysti of Junglejem, the top winning kitten for the entire NW Region for the year. All of this at only just turning four months of age on the day. 

Health Testing

The health of our cats is imperative for our program.

PK Def - N/N
2011, 2013 HCM Ultrasound - NEGATIVE

We have also had Julius' sire and dam HCM tested and they also were both negative.