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 Arctic is our first Snow Bengal to be born and in fact to be included in our program.  Originally we thought that adding snows to our program wouldn't be an option.  But Mother Nature has stepped up and given us the opportunity to add this unique colour.  Now Adelhills is able to produce all three of the recognized Bengal colours (Brown, Silver, Snow). Keep an eye out in 2013 for more Adelhills Snow Bengals.


Arctic has an amazing soft soft pelt with wonderful contrast on his snowy white background.  Arctic has gotten his mothers great profile and head which we are very pleased with and his sires wild body type and flowing contrasted pattern.  We have high hopes for how he will continue to mature.

Show Results

Twice now (under different judges) Arctic has been awarded Supreme Exhibit group 3 in Show, once as a kitten and now as an adult.

He has started the 2013 show year as an adult in February and already has gained two tittles.  He is now a Double Grand Champion.

Health Testing

The health of our cats is imperative for our program.

2011 HCM Ultrasound - NEGATIVE
PK Def - N/K

We have also had Arctic's sire and dam HCM tested and they also were both negative. Along with that, all four of his grandparents have been HCM tested negative.