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What they wrote to us..

bengat cat fanFrom the very beginning I was impressed with Adelaide Hills Bengals.

The application process and open lines of communication ensured that Melinda was able to match a kitten that would suit our personalities and life styles. As it turned out we wound up getting a companion as well so now we have 2 beautiful cats from Melinda romping around the house and greeting us when we get home.

One of the things that set Adelhills Bengals apart from other breeders was Melinda's attention to detail (again this is evident by the application process) the health checks the cats go through, the de-sexing microchipping, Insurance and heart scans, are far above and beyond what any other breeder we have encountered provided.

We brought our Kittens home, they were healthy, had food supplied, and were house trained. We have had them now for several weeks and we never looked back with anything but appreciation at the perpetual joy and laughter these cats bring.

When we took the Cats for their first checkup at our local vet, they were astonished by the thorough level of documentation Melinda provided. There were no questions from the vet about their history or health, they only wanted to know how they were settling in and exclaiming how adorable they are.

We can in full confidence recommend Melinda at Adelaide Hills Bengals to any family wanting a top quality Bengal from a top quality breeder.

Thanks again Raf & Emma .--.
Ziggy & Zander