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Ripple is our only home bred marble that we have retained... but how could we not!  

Ripple lives with the Vickers Family who are a part of our Family Care Home Program.  This means that Ripple gets to enjoy life as their much loved pet, while still allowing us access to her genetics for breeding.

Ripple will therefore only be in our program for a limited amount of time and then will be desexed and remain the loved companion to the Vickers Family.

Thank you Toby, for being a part of our program and for loving Ripple and taking such good care of her for us.


Ripple has amazing flow and a highly contrasted pattern. She has the softest pelt, which is raised in her pattern giving her an amazing 3-D affect to her coat.  She is a beautiful tri-colour with excellent wild type and a lovely head and profile.

Show Results

Ripple has done amazingly well in her showing including several Best bengal kittens and Best group 3 kittens and as an adult she titled after just two shows again placing in group. We are pleased now with her championship title to look towards her breeding plans now.

Health Testing

The health of our cats is imperative for our program. Ripple will complete all her heath testing in late 2013 before entering the breeding program.