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FOR SALE, Rhythm is for sale to a breeder who wants a special addition to their lines. She is mother to Double Grand Champions and produced top quality cats. Conditions Apply $2500 +gst

Rhythm is our beautiful girl from Dadaelis in Washington, USA. She is a lovely rosetted girl with some strong qualities for our program in coat, pattern, type and form.  Thank you Marilyn for this beautiful little lady and also for the use of the reference photos above of her sire and dam.

Champion cross

Rhythm's full sister from the previous litter, Dadaelis Cybeles Heart, gained her championship on the first day of her first show as an adult!  This cross has produced some stunning Bengals.

While her other sister Dadaelis Deja Mew went to the 2010 On Safari Bengal Congress and tied for BEST ROSETTED PATTERN KITTEN with Anthony Hutcherson of JungleTrax's kitten.

Interesting Fact: the JungleTrax kitten that tied with Rhythm's sister Dadaelis Deja Mew, is in fact descended from Millwood Epitimee, who is Julius's sire. So the two best rosetted kittens at the 2010 On Safari are the two lines of cats that we will be putting together when we breed Rhythm to Julius. Talk about an outstanding cross for amazing rosettes!

Rhythm has great contrast and a tight super soft pelt.  She has a long and lithe body which gives her an amazing wild feel to her movement.  With a lovely head, profile, ears and chin this girl has a lot to give.  We are also excited to share that Rhythm is recessive for seal lynx point snow.

Show Results

August 13th & 14th TICA NW Regional hosted by the Cat Fanciers of BC (Surrey, BC Canada)

We had a great time at the NW TICA Regional Show and enjoyed the wonderful banquet that the club put on for the Regionals.

Rhythm did really well at her first show as a kitten. We were so pleased to have her take Best Bengal kitten and end up called back to place for the All Breed final in Ellen Crockett's ring.

Due to our relocation to Australia we don't have the opportunity to show her further at the moment.

Expected Kittens

Rhythm is a proven mother, giving her kittens great head shape and profile with excellent rosetting and contracts.  We have retained her son Adelhills Arctic Circle for our program.

Health Testing

The health of our cats is imperative for our program.

PK Def - N/K
2012 HCM Ultrasound - NEGATIVE

We have also had Rhythm's sire and dam HCM tested and they also were both negative.