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FOR SALE, Icis is retired now and is available as a desexed pet $500 +gst.

Icis is our lovely girl from amazing lines.  Thank you Greg & Jane for giving us the opportunity to have Icis in our program and for the photo use. 


Icis is a very special girl not only does she have the Asian Leopard Cat in her history she also has the Margay Wild Cat behind her.  When you look at Icis you can see right away that strong hybrid ancestry. Has lovely wild type, her boning and muscle mass is amazing, when you pick this girl up you can feel the power she has.

Icis really caught my attention and excitement to what she can bring to our program with her huge nocturnal eyes and puffy prominent whisker pads.  She has a wonderful wild expression that makes you feel like you've just glimpsed something special through the jungle.  Besides giving us that amazing unique feel of the wild cat in our Bengals we are also looking forward to how she will extend our snow program.

Health Testing

The health of our cats is imperative for our program. Icis was tested at 7yr 2mo HCM NORMAL/NEGATIVE, she has also had a negative for FIV & FeLV.