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Adelhills Bengal Kittens

All our Bengal kittens are registered and are sold with a five year guarantee contract so that you can be assured you are receiving a pure bred, top quality, healthy Bengal kitten.

Our babies are all vet checked, vaccinated, dewormed, microchiped, altered (desexed), well started in potty training and socialized before they leave us around 12 weeks of age, to ensure that they are perfectly ready to become a member of your household.

Home Raised

Our Bengal kittens are raised in our home with our four young children and their Mothers. The temperaments of our breeding stock along with our constant handling and socialization, done by both adults and children, helps ensure that our babies come to you prepared as much as possible to enter your life and homes. When getting an Adelhills baby you can be assured of the quality in temperament, health and looks for your Bengal Cat.

Peace of Mind

All our Bengal Kittens go out to their new homes with a FREE 6 week accident and illness insurance policy. Following is what that policy covers:

Illness and injury

Vet fees up to AU$3000.00. Includes hospitalization, referral and complementary medicines

Death from illness or injury

The loss of a pet is always heart breaking. Our policy will refund the purchase price up to $AU1,500.00

Advertising and Reward

If you kitten is stolen or lost, our policy will pay for local newspaper advertising and will grant a reward up to $400.00


if the kitten is not found, despite all efforts our policy will refund the purchase price up to $1,500.00

Bengals with Show and Breeding Quality

If you are interested in an altered (desexed) show Bengal kitten we would be more than pleased to assist you. We love to see our babies out there showing and seeing their owner's enjoyment of their success. We only sell entire show and breeding kittens to registered breeders who we feel strive for the highest Cattery standards and ethics. If you are a Bengal breeder and are interested in working with us and our lines we look forward to hearing from you.

Interstate and International

If you are not a resident of South Australia and are unable to come to us to collect your kitten, we can fly your kitten to you.  Adelhills will insure that your kitten safely arrives to you with all necessary documentation.  We are also able to organize flights for most international destinations depending on the quarantine restrictions and regulations of your country.

Continuing to Breed Top Quality Bengals

To ensure the continuing quality lines of our breeding program, Adelhills reserves the right to retain any Bengal kitten necessary for the development of the Bengal breed prior to listing them as available on our site.

This assures that Adelhills is able to maintain a high level of quality and direction for our future program and the careful continued development of the Bengal cat breed. Adelhills reserves the right to refuse a sale or application at their discretion.