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bengal cats
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Adelhills Perfect Form



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Petra is a nicely rosetted, albeit not as strong contrast due to the whited lines, she has a super silky soft coat. She is a quiet girl, not dominant, so can be housed with other queens easily.  Not suitable for showing as she gets stressed.

Below is the litter pedigree.


bengal cats sires G.Sire Leopardstrail White Gold Jr
G.G.Sire Millwood Candlewax Art
G.G.Dam Millwood Kamo
Majesticpride Golden Formula (IMP CAN)
G.Dam US CH Majesticpride Magic Formula
G.G.Sire US TGCH Majesticpride Kambala
G.G.Dam US TGCH Majesticpride Gentle Spirit
bengal cats sires G.Sire CH Cloudedleopards Legend of Adelhills (IMP USA)
G.G.Sire Legacie Maxwell
G.G.Dam Spotagious Ocean Jasper
Adelhills Picture Perfect
G.Dam Fraservalley Fey Pandoras Box (Imp CAN)
G.G.Sire Spiritsong Thriller on Ice
G.G.Dam CH IndianCreek Fey Lichen Moonglitter