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bengal cats
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Health of the Bengal Cat

Qualified Veterinary Care

We are in a privileged position that we have developed a wonderful working relationship with our vet over the past several years.  Further to that our vet not only is well respected as a reproduction specialist, but has also been a Bengal cat breeder. Therefore our health set up and kitten care along with vaccination series timelines have been tailor made for us through an extremely experienced and trusted vet with firsthand knowledge about breeding and caring for Bengals.


We believe in letting our Queens, mother our litters fully. We do not early wean our litters from our queens unless for medical reasons.  This means that our kittens have a chance to learn many positive behaviors from their mother, like appropriate litter box habits, before she leaves them. 

We also recognize the importance in the first several weeks of our kittens lives and the benefits of the antibodies they receive from their mother’s milk.

We firmly believe that by allowing our Queens to naturally care for their litters, it gives our kittens a great start in their long term health.


Our kittens are microchip implanted at 10 weeks of age. This gives us and you security in the knowledge that if your kitten does accidentally get out and stray that they will easily be identified when found.  This cost is included in our kitten pricing.

All Wormer (Drontal)

We commence deworming of our kittens while still in embryo.  That means that our queen mothers continue to receive their deworming while pregnant to insure that our kittens are born worm free.  Once the kittens are born we then commence a deworming schedule as laid out by our vet. After 12 weeks of age your kitten will need to be dewormed every three months for the duration of their life.

Revolution or Advantage

Once our kittens are 10 weeks of age we commence with Revolution for the treatment of parasites including heartworm.  This is a monthly preventative that is given by dosing the kitten with a drop on the back of their necks once a month for the duration of their life.

Pet Insurance

As part of our healthy kitten plan for new homes, we secure a free 6 week insurance policy though PetPlan for your kitten from the date that they leave us.  This gives us and our families’ peace of mind during the transition time from our home to yours.  We do encourage that you consider maintaining this policy after the 6 weeks expiry.