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Bengal Cats

The beauty of the wild cat in your home

bengal cats
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Care of the Bengals

In the Litter Box

It is recommended that you have one more litter box in your home than the number of cats present.  It is also recommended that if you have a large home that you should have easy access to litter boxes on all levels and main areas of the home.  Daily cleaning is crucial to keeping not only your cat happy but the other residents of the home.  A dirty litter box will turn away the best trained cat from using it.

We use covered litter boxes with air filters; this lets our cats feel safe while they are in the vulnerable position of relieving themselves.  But some cats can be highly sensitive to the air quality around their litter box so an open box may be required for those cats.

There are many types of cat litter but we recommend that you use the same litter that your kitten has been potty trained to.  You should continue use for at least the first eight weeks after their transition from our home to yours.  This helps them to feel confident in their potty habits when dealing with relocation.  We use and highly recommend Crystal Litter.

If you choose to discontinue use of the recommended litter you will want to do it over time.

Cats are very sensitive to the smell and feel of different litters, if your cat rejects the new litter we highly recommend returning immediately to the original litter that they were used to.  You do not want them to learn bad litter habits due to an unsuccessful change.


Since Bengals are highly intelligent and able to learn many tricks we recommend that you buy some treats for reinforced positive learning.  Make sure that the treat you select is all natural and does not contain any artificial colours or preservatives.  We highly recommend dried liver treats.

Play Time

Your kitten needs your companionship and interactive play to help stimulate their minds, exercise their bodies and build a bond with you. This can also happen with other pets in the home. It is a beautiful thing to watch a friendship build between your pets.

When playing with your kitten NEVER use your fingers or toes directly as “bait” for a pounce.  While this may be cute as babies, kittens grow up.  We do not want to teach our kittens that they can put their teeth or claws into us.  Always use extension toys to tease, bait, play and have fun with.

We recommend getting three sets of three toys that you can change out every three days.  This should give you nine days of fun interested activity before you start over with the original set.  This helps ensure that your kitten stays stimulated and interested in their toys.


Bengals are amazing in their learning abilities.  We highly recommend finding a cat training book that looks fun to practice with your Bengal.  This is a great bonding time for you and your kitten and their progress will amaze your dinner guests. For best results start working with your kitten from the time they arrive.It is best to keep training sessions fun, positive and short.  A five to ten minute session with treat reinforcement two to four times a day is perfect.

Nap Time

Kittens are just like babies and need many naps throughout the day to ensure healthy growth patterns.  If your kitten is having a nap, do not disturb them. It is important to teach children to not wake their kitten up during nap times. A sleep deprived kitten is a cranky kitten and isn’t much fun to play with anyways. 

You should make sure that there is an easily accessible quiet location that your kitten can get to for naps.

If you have a busy, noisy house like mine you may find it easier to take the kitten out of the main living zones, to a quiet place where they can have breaks and naps.

Nail Clipping

We recommend that you clip all of your kittens toe nails weekly from the time you get them.  This helps to ensure that as they grow up they become accustom to having their nails done.  It will also help protect your clothing, furniture, skin etc... from being “velcroed”.