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The beauty of the wild cat in your home

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About the Bengals

Welcome to the Bengal breed. We hope you enjoy reading about the beautiful wild looking Bengals. They surely have captured our eye and our heart.

Have you ever found yourself staring at a wild cat in zoos, on TV, or if you're lucky in the wild, thinking how amazing it would be to enjoy that stalking graceful beauty every day?

Well with the tireless work of dedicated breeders that opportunity can be yours with the ownership of an exotic looking Bengal cat.

Wild Ancestors

The Bengal breed is descended from Asian Leopard Cats (Felis Bengalensis). In the photo album above are pictures of the ALC for you to look at.  The ALC was crossed with domestic breeds to create a hybrid that possessed the exotic wild look of a leopard but with the temperament and safety of the domestic cat.

After years of dedicated development the Bengal has become a wonderful companion pet with the exotic wild looks of their ancestors and the companionable traits of a house cat.


Bengals are wonderful companions for the whole family, including children and other household pets. They are a very active cat that enjoys being in the thick of the household activity. My Bengals will often follow me from room to room just to "see what's up". They love to help fold laundry and get involved making beds! When the kids come home and the noise and activity level rises the Bengals are right into the fray.  Bengals enjoying and participate in creating the happy chaos and activity. At times they will leave you in both tears of laughter and sometimes frustration at their antics.


Bengals are not couch potato cats. They are playful, active, inquisitive, nosy, comical and affectionate. Many are vocal "talkers" who will greet you with meows and coos expressing their moods and the joy of being with you. Because Bengals love to play and be involved getting into things, you will find hours of enjoyment watching them stalk, pounce, chase, fetch, climb, bound and generally revel in the exuberance of life.

Other Pets

Bengals are a very companionable breed and therefore require interaction and playtime with their families, including their people, other felines and other pets in general. Bengals get on wonderfully with dogs. In the photo album above are pictures of Bengals and dogs cuddling and playing. If you have a cat friendly canine at home who needs a buddy, a Bengal might be the perfect playmate and companion.


Bengals are a highly intelligent breed and therefore are easy to train, not only in basic "kitty etiquette" but also in tricks like come, sit, beg, speak and games of fetch. Bengals can be taught to walk in harness on a lead.  This will be to the enjoyment of many a passerby who is amazed and in awe to see a beautiful "mini leopard" happily walking on a lead.

Water Fun

Many Bengals also find great entertainment playing with and in water.  YES a cat who loves water. I often find a Bengal who's decided that the first few inches in the bathwater were really meant as a playground rather than the start of a relaxing bath for me.

Pelts and allergy friendliness

Bengals have some amazing characteristics concerning their pelts. A Bengals pelt is very different from those of most domestic cats. They inherited the short, thick pelt of their wild ancestors. This amazingly soft coat (reminiscent of the texture of mink) means that your Bengal will require no grooming other than nail clipping. Because Bengals are an indoor cat they require little if any bathing.

Another benefit of their amazing pelts is that they have very little hair loss and shedding. In fact many people who are allergic to most cats find that they do not have the same allergic reactions to Bengals.

While Bengals cannot be claimed to be hypoallergenic cats, they do have a high percentage of success. I can assure you of this due to the success of my husband who has cat allergies but lives in a home full of Bengals without reaction.

Please note that different people may have different levels of reactions and should always try visiting and experiencing the Bengal breed first before purchasing.

Not for everyone

Bengals are not the cat for everyone. If you are looking for a low key, quiet cat that sleeps most the time and is more of a pillow ornament, then the Bengal is not for you.

The Bengal does have their lounging times but they are a highly active cat that enjoys living life to the fullest.

The joy of ownership

The joy of Bengal ownership is something special we would like to share with you. As a Bengal owner you will enjoy that exotic wild look lounging and stalking around your home.  The Bengals have an amazing ability to share in a deep companionable relationship that will give you years of enjoyment.

We hope that you have found this information helpful in determining if the Bengal is the right breed for you. If you have any further questions that we have not covered please feel free to contact us with your questions.