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Kira lives with the Yeoh Family who are a part of our Family Care Home Program.  This means that Kira gets to enjoy life as their much loved pet, while still allowing us access to her genetics for breeding.

Kira will therefore only be in our program for a limited amount of time and then will be desexed and remain the loved companion to the Yeoh Family.

Thank you Kelly, for being a part of our program and for loving Kira and taking such good care of her for us.


We are excited about Kira coming into the program with her very wild type and pattern flow with rosettes.  She has a lovely colouring that is very unique and to be appreciated best in person.

Health Testing

The health of our cats is imperative for our program. We are awaiting all her results.


Kira's sire & dam have recently been HCM tested normal also.