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FCH WANTED We are looking for a local SA family who would like to give Flame a permanent pet home.  Please contact us for more details $300 +gst.

Flame is a lovely F6 brown rosetted girl graciously granted to us by our dear friend and co-breeder Carla of Afrikatte Bengals.

We have been hoping to add these lines to our program for several years now and feel privileged to use them.


Flame is from imported lines with both parents having whited tummies.  We are especially excited to be adding the F5 Calcatta Xiao Xiao into our bloodlines through her daughter Flame.  Flame is a very vibrantly coloured girl with a whited tummy and lots of rosettes with great flow with beautiful wild movement and body carriage.

Health Testing

The health of our cats is imperative for our program, we are currently awaiting the results.


Flame's Sire & Dam have both recently been HCM tested in 2014 normal.